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We have successfully litigated numerous cases in both federal and state court. Our firm can help you with:

Arbitration                                                                         Appeals
Administrative/Regulatory Actions                      Breach of Contract Litigation
Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation                      Breach of Warranty Claims
Business Disputes                                                          Business Dissolution Litigation
Civil Conspiracy Claims                                              Civil Theft Litigation
Collection Actions                                                          Conservator Litigation/Representation
Construction Defect Litigation                                Corporate Litigation
Discrimination Actions                                               Employment Litigation
Foreclosure Actions                                                       Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions
Fraud Litigation                                                              Home Defect Litigation
Landlord Tenant Disputes                                          Lease Disputes
Litigation against Governmental Entities          Mechanic’s Liens
Partition Actions                                                            Permanent Civil Protection Orders

Preliminary Injunctions                                             Probate Litigation

Property Disputes                                                          Quiet Title Actions                                                 

Real Estate Litigation                                                   Securities Litigation/Arbitration

Temporary Civil Protection Orders                       Temporary Restraining Orders
Tortious Interference with Business
     Relations Litigation
Trust Litigation                                                               Unjust Enrichment Claims

and many other types of business disputes and litigation.

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Civil and Commercial Litigation