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Real Estate Documents

If you are purchasing or selling a home, you need someone who is familiar with the numerous documents used in connection with home purchases and sales. Much real estate litigation arises because home purchasers and sellers did not take the time to understand or fully review these documents or prepare them in a way as to avoid the potential for litigation down the road. Craig has drafted and reviewed many documents in connection with the purchase and sale of residences, commercial real estate and farm leases. These include:

Agreements to Amend/Extend Contracts                          Commercial Leases
Contract for Purchase of Commercial Property              Contract for Purchase of Residential Property
Contract for Sale of Commercial Property                         Contract for Sale of Residential Property
Inspection Objections                                                                  Inspection Resolutions
Listing Contracts                                                                            Residential Leases
Seller’s Property Disclosures                                                   Square Footage Disclosures

Real Estate Litigation and Arbitration

Out firm has litigated numerous cases in state court and arbitrated real estate issues before the American Arbitration Association. Our firm can help you with:

Adverse Possession Issues                                    Arbitrations
Breach of Contract Litigation                              Breach of Warranty Claims
Construction Defect Arbitration                        Construction Defect Litigation
Construction Delays                                                 Defective Construction Claims
Foreclosure Actions                                                 Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions
Home Defect Litigation                                          Landlord Tenant Disputes
Lease Disputes                                                           Mechanic’s Liens
Partition Actions                                                       Property Disputes
Quiet Title Actions

and many other types of real estate disputes and litigation.

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Real Estate Law and Litigation

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